Our approach

Our approach to fitness is using science proven techniques while having fun doing it. While utilizing these techniques many clients have lost weight, got more fit and most importantly felt better doing it.

With over 20 years experience helping others reach their goals we have learned how to help. There are many different ways to train depending on ones experience, goals and time available to train, we know how to maximize your efforts. Getting you to where you want to be is our main objective.

We have trainers with advanced certifications in weight management, working with seniors and sports conditioning. We do our best in providing a safe , judgement free and affordable place to train. When a client reaches their goal we have reached our goal.

Meet our


Tammy Wheeler

Hi I am Tammy wheeler. As a licensed practical nurse for ten years, my goal as a personal trainer is to help people get healthy and reduce the risk of diseases. I have been certified as a ISSA personal trainer since 2015. I can help you attain your fitness goals with a good, consistent exercise program. Working out has always been a hobby of mine. I also enjoy swimming and going to the beach with family and friends. I am looking forward to helping you with your transformation to better health.

Tim Wheeler

I was first certified in 2003 with the nsca and later certified with nasm where I got advanced certifications in weight management and senior training. In 2010 I was chosen to be one of Dr. Oz's elite online personal trainers. I enjoy helping people to achieve their goals, losing weight, getting fit, becoming faster stronger athletes. I have trained clients well into their 80’s and as young as 8.